The pan loaf project

For my second post I’ve been kind of lost for words like what do I talk about? What am I going to do? How to I talk about everything at once!! Well I think I have to accept that I got to write one post at a time and it should be about the NOW…. For now at least. So with all of this in mind I’d like to talk about my little blue van ( the van I’m restoring) it has only dawned on me as I have started to patch up the rust and teach my self how to shape steel while also getting advice from those around me that not only is this van a piece of my childhood and a part of my upbringing that I can give new life to but it is now becoming a time capsule if you like of my own learning and the grafting of my own hands. When this out look came to light it highlighted for me the impact this project has on my life and what its completion means to me, even more so what it will become and symbolise over time. For it is not the object itself as it is how much of ourselves we invest in it. And I think this goes for most things in life (object or not). I’m even more excited to document its restoration because the growth and story it will unravel in itself could be profound to look back on in time to come. There is so much work left to do on the van that I reckon it will take about 2 years or maybe more to complete but this all depends on how much of my spare time I put into it. Right now the inner rear panel is repaired and I still have to prepare and weld the outer rear quarter panels followed by small patches around where the rear doors seats to the body of the van. I’m hoping to soon upload some footage to YouTube, I have plenty of footage recorded it just has to be edited so even that in itself will be fun to do as I will slowing see the van coming together through each clip. Thanks for reading, I’ll catch you in the next post.


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