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I’ve been thinking of a couple ways I could write my first post, maybe it should be about my past and all the things that have led me to right now and then I said Caeleb no you need to talk about where you want to go what are your plans for the future! now I sit here at my desk only to realise that the past is only a guideline to what i have now in the present and I can’t promise the world the future for it may never be so that bares the question, where am I now? Before I go on and get too deep and philosophical I want to at least outline what it Is I am doing especially if your reading this from my website which is for those of you who want to check it out. So I’ve found myself doing a lot of random things over the last 6 years, since I was 15. over this period of time I’ve dabbed in all sorts of things, I wrote rap music, I’ve trained as an actor too which is pretty much all I done last year and now I’m studying Counselling and Psychotherapy which actually surprisingly enough to myself seems to be the direction I want to go in for the moment. Beside all of this I also lived and breathed cars and machinery growing up and have little projects on the side that I’m working on and will be posting updates on the website and for those interested, I’ve got a YouTube channel too called SRestoration . So with all of these things in mind I decided I should make a website and showcase everything that I do as I do them with the intention of being able to look back on myself and see how I’ve grown over time. And now I’m going to get a slightly deeper…again but only to build a foundation on what it is I might be doing here. Personal growth is an amazing thing because it is boundless and if there is one thing I’ve learned about myself over the last few years it has be how my ability to try new things and push myself to do stuff I could never of imagined I was good enough for. you should also keep in mind that there was a point in my life up as far as when I was roughly 15 or 16 and maybe even 17 where I couldn’t even go into a shop and buy something as my anxieties were so high. Life is truly an amazing thing as it is without all the amazing discoveries of our pasts and structures we have built and continue to build to sustain what we are. I hope my spelling was legible and you might bookmark my website for the next post but until then, keep her steady.

PS: below is a picture of my current restoration project in its current state.

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