About me

i've created this space for myself, to express my ideas, thoughts and to showcase all that i'm interested in. from blogging about my latest interests and thoughts to embracing my work as a mechanic showing people what i do while trying to make it interesting. over the past few years i've dabbled in different fields, making Hiphop music and becoming an actor i'm also currently in my first year of studying Counselling and Psychotherapy which is where my main focus is now. so who knows where the road goes from here, but wherever it be lets embrace it.

Height: 173cm

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Location: Wicklow, Ireland


Lucozade (2017)

Training &

Bowstreet | Young Film Makers | 2015/16

Bowstreet | PartTime for Screen Acting​ | 2018/19

 Voice With Helena Walsh | 2019

Benjamin Mathes, Script and Scene Work 2019


-Full License (Car)

-I write Script and Scenes


-Write/produce music

-Can drive a range of vehicles including, cars, trucks, motorcycles and heavy machinery

-American accent

-English accent

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